a girl and her intro

I always wanted my very own dog… I mean blog. And in all seriousness, I really have always wanted my own dog too. I have helped raise dogs and when I say “helped raise dogs”, I mean, I am a mother with children with dogs. So basically, I raised someone else’s dog. They get the love. I get the work. But it’s ok. One day, I’ll get my own little pup. In the meantime, I will just settle for my own blog. My very own blog.

dog and girl

Please be patient with me as I begin this journey with this new little blog. I am learning how to care for it and make sure it has everything it needs to thrive.

Let me tell you about myself. I am mom to two beautiful daughters and wife to my soul mate. These are two titles I wear with honor the way a soldier wears insignia from an honorable life of service. When I was a young girl, I dreamed of being a wife and mother. I have been successfully challenged with both titles and I am content to have faced each leg of my journey with dignity, grace, and a few failures along the way.

I am finding myself in a different place than I was when my girls were younger. They are now beginning a life in adulthood and although they need me, or at least I think they need me, they are slowly melting into an independent life and agenda of their own. I am not saddened by this. We didn’t raise them to be children, we raised them to be adults. And they are successfully becoming.

I travel. A lot. It seems that I was born with a little wanderlust in my bones. I get anxious when I am not exploring or adventuring somewhere or trying something new. I love words, intelligence and sage advice. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to research a new topic and learn all I can from it. Driving down a new road with just the slightest possibility of getting lost, makes me anxiously happy. I love photography, but only take pictures with my i-Phone. Taking the time to learn a fancy camera and all the buttons makes me impatient.

This blog, of my very own, will be a journey of learning how to voice my thoughts, photography, journeys and dreams. I hope you will join me as we adventure this blogging thing together. I am after all, just A Girl and her Blog.

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