a girl and her back porch


If you were to ask me where my favorite place is, I would tell you, “my back porch.” Just take a look at that first photo. That is my view, and it pretty much always looks like this. Except at night. When it’s dark. Then… it looks like this. *Photo taken during full moon August 2017.


We moved into our home about five years ago and the reason we decided to live here is because of this backyard. It is a place of coffee sipping, dinner eating, puppy loving, neighbor chatting and of course, my all time favorite, dreaming.

A funny thing has begun in my life as I mature into my forties. I seem to want to go to bed earlier and earlier each night and… since I go to bed early, I tend to wake up early. Gone are the days of sleeping in until 8am! My body is ready to take on the world at just about 7:15 each morning. I stopped trying to have “Sleep in Saturday” a long time ago.

There is something so perfect about my mornings on the back porch.

Each morning I wake up and begin my day. The house is quite and cool. The sun is trying to peek through the blinds and if the tiniest of breeze blows just right, I can see some of the blue from the sky reflecting on the peaceful, quiet pond embellishing my backyard. Coffee cup in one hand, I reach over, feeling the vertical blinds swing open as I anxiously pull the cord with the other.  Ahhhh… heaven.

The humidity and breeze from the water sweep in through the screen and my little dog finds a comfy place, lifting his nose to sniff the morning air.


This is my place of rest. It’s my place of dreaming. Planning. Thinking.

My back porch has served as a jumping start for a home business. It helped me overcome a crisis of removing myself from a toxic relationship. When my husband was considering going back to school, it was the decision we made on this porch that led us to the adventure we are now in the middle of, and it was on my back porch where I decided to start this blog.


This morning, while on my lovely porch, I was processing and searching myself to see WHY I wanted to so desperately start a blog. I keep coming back to one message.

I write because somewhere, there is a girl just like me, looking at being forty, fifty or even sixty years old. Her kids are growing up, heading to college or a new apartment and she can’t figure out what to do next. Maybe she has lost a job or is in a place she hates. She just found herself divorced after years of marriage. Perhaps, her soulmate has passed. She’s lost. Or she’s found that in the midst of living for everyone else, she forgot about herself.

During the course of my writing this blog, I will be hosting women, forty and older, who are navigating and plotting their course. I’ll introduce you to women who are struggling, succeeding and most importantly, living the process of being the girl they dream to be. We are lighting our candles and believing that we can be more.

Please take a moment to follow me on this journey of life. It’s about to get exciting!

(By the way, “they” call it mid-life. I call it just getting started!)