light it up!

We, as in my family and I, have been pretty blessed to be able to experience adventure, risk, opportunity and some pretty crazy stuff. We have traveled like gypsies, eaten like kings, lived like paupers, struggled to make ends meet and laughed like those cute little babies gone viral on Facebook.

The other day, my husband had the opportunity to show off a helicopter he flies to a group of special needs kids on a field trip at the airport. I am not sure who was more excited, the kids or Ty. He is truly in his element and has found his calling in life. But while showing the helo, one of the teachers came up to me (I was there to act as a safety guide) and began raving about how great our life must be and how she wishes she could have our life. This is not something we haven’t heard before, but her gushing was a bit on the “ok, I got it” annoying side as it just went on and on.

As I walked away, I felt a bit sad for the lady. She seemed to enjoy her job, but I wasn’t convinced. As I reminisced the chance meeting, I now remember her being distant from the children. Non-engaging. In fact, she spent most of her time talking to me, never hearing the squeals of excitement from her students as they “got a picture with the pilot” and sat in a helicopter for the first time.



Our story, although seeming exciting and unbelievably fun, did not come about on a whim. The amount of sacrifice and tunnel vision we have put into our lives has made us independent. Sometimes without close friendship. Poor. Life-time home renters instead of owners. Not having a hometown. At one point, having to rely on friends for shelter when we had lost everything we owned.

A friend of mine came over to my house the other day for visit and a laugh or two. After awhile, she looked at a couple of candles I had on my table and she said, “Laura, why haven’t you lit these candles?” And then, glancing around the home, she spied a few other candles I had not lit but were just on display. My answer, “they are for decoration.” To which she replied, “girl, light those candles and enjoy them!” I love that girl.

I started thinking about my unlit candles. They are kind of like dreams and wishes. They sit on tables and counters, looking so pretty. We love the way they look and smell, but we never light them. Our dreams and wishes just sit there. Looking pretty. Creating conversations with our peers and friends (and sometimes strangers) about what we want to do, or who we want to be like. And yet, the dreams remain unlit.

So, Bridget. Today I lit those crazy candles!

If you have a dream. You want to go somewhere. Do something wild. Create a new way to do something. Travel. Become a shop owner…. What ever it is, you can do it! Instead of looking at your wish/dream like it’s a decoration, light it up!